David Michael Miller

Founder and Principal of David Michael Miller Associates

David Michael Miller is the founder and principal of David Michael Miller Associates, a residential interior design form located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The firm, created in 1989, has an established reputation for drawing on the natural surrounding environment to inform the interior design. David was born and raised in the Middle Western United States, and received his design training in Chicago, Illinois at Ray College. Inspired by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, David’s education in interior design coincided with his study of this maverick native architect. It is likely due to the influence of this architect that David’s work is consistently respectful of, and integrated to, the architectural settings in which his interiors exist. David’s restrained aesthetic sensibilities, and his adherence to the use of natural materials, help to create interiors that are understated, unpretentious, and stylistically enduring.

There is a distinctive direction to Miller’s tactile and material sensitivities. His work stands alone for its timeless qualities, its natural beauty, comfort and drama.

– Southwest Style Magazine

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