The studio, as a structure, is emblematic of David Michael Miller Associates’ permanence in the design community, and its tangible commitment to great design and architecture. David’s desire to build a progressive, modern building for his studio speaks to his broad and diverse style and tastes. The minimalism expressed in the architecture and interiors of the studio afford an expansive and inspiring environment for David and his staff.

Built in 1999, the David Michael Miller Associates studio is located in Old Town Scottsdale, and was designed by acclaimed Arizona architect Wendell Burnette. The spacious, modern building is the perfect environment in which to design interiors – filled with light, and home to an extensive library of print and digital resources.

The collaborative design process between David and Wendell for the creation of the studio embodies David’s belief that great architecture and interiors are most compelling when developed simultaneously.

Celebrating Over 30 Years

Because of David, I went where I had not been, architecturally, and where I otherwise would not have gone.

– Wendell Burnette, Objekt Magazine

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