Led by David, the studio strives to create interiors that are rich, unique and understated. David’s consistent avoidance of design trend extremes, and his desire to maximize the greatest potential of each new project, makes his work a timeless distillation of style.

For David, the ideal ingredients of authentic and relevant interior design can be characterized by: a fusion with the interior’s architectural context, a relationship to geographic/cultural influences, as well as the client’s own lifestyle and color sensibilities. A careful blend of these elements provides for an original, personal and thoughtful design aesthetic. Ultimately, it is this designed environment in which the client will live, and for that reason, the interiors should reflect the client’s own identity.

The artful creation of these unique and original living environments, for all of its clients, is the mission of David Michael Miller Associates.

When you enter the home you’re immediately aware of a sense of calm, restful luxury.

– House Beautiful Magazine

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