Ok, this is my official entry into the new cyber world of blogging, Facebook, and all things “web”. in the process of updating our website, our web designers let me know that blogging was a “new essential” in the world of web presence. I just sort of looked at them skeptically and said, “ummm, I can’t see myself making blog posts, or doing the Facebook thing”. But then, after a little time, I thought that I would embrace the idea. For the blog, even if no one actually reads it, writing can bring clarity to issues that we all process in our lives, careers and so on – so there is a great opportunity there. Besides, I really like to write, and those who know me, know that I have definite opinions and passions about certain subjects, design not least among them.

For those of us operating in the world of design and architecture, our professional disciplinary sphere is moving fast, and in recent years has produced some new, very real challenges. Not least among the challenges is the web itself – ironic in that this method of communication I am using right now would be impossible without the web! that said, the web has splintered and diffused our field of design and design services. The web has paradoxically opened us up to seeing products and design creations from around the world in essentially real time – while at the same time, our clients and the public at large, has essentially the same access to all of that information. This reality brings the promise of greater education and aptitude among those people who are, or who might be, our clients. However, it also creates more challenges in being in front of what is out there – as the target is always moving. Of course, along with diffusing the world of design, the web has also enriched it with so many efficiencies in sourcing, technical design applications, real time product updates, digital modeling of buildings and their interiors, in computer drafting and the advantages of interdisciplinary sharing, and so on.

It seems as though the way to deal with these rapid changes in the world of design, is to jump on board and morph with the times. I think it likely that this topic will be a familiar theme in my blog.

I also plan to share aspects of projects, materials, and sources that I experience and think that others could benefit from. If I am going to add to the information explosion out there, I am intending to share information or ideas that have practical value, or that encourage contemplation. That is a part of all this that I find interesting and exciting.

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